Therapeutic Yoga Specialist Certification (TYS)

The Therapeutic Yoga Specialist Certification Program is designed for RYT200 or equivalent Yoga teachers who want to focus on applying yoga practice in a way that supports healing, both to help restore energy to those who are weary and to support those with injury or disease.

This program consists for 15 courses: Restorative Yoga Specialist I and Restorative Yoga Specialist II as well as Deepening Your Asana Sadhana I and Deepening Your Asana Sadhana I and Lunar Yoga. These fifteen courses are also part of the RYT500 program, To obtain your Therapeutic Yoga Specialist Certification and TYS designation, you must have completed an RYT200 or equivalent Yoga Teacher Training program as well as complete all four of the TYS courses. For more information or to register for any of these courses click the course dates link below and then click register where you will find the description and registration links.

Yoga Therapy Fundamentals
Restorative Yoga I
Restorative Yoga II
Deepening Your Asana Sadhana I
Deepening Your Asana Sadhana II
Yin Yoga
Yoga Therapy Techniques I (Yoga for Back Care, Yoga for Older Adults/Chair Yoga, Stress Management)
Yoga Therapy Techniques II (Self Massage for Yoga and Pilates, Gentle Movements for Yoga and Pilates)
Yoga Therapy Techniques II (Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Yoga for Trauma)
Journey through the Chakras
Meditation for Yoga Teachers I
Meditation for Yoga Teachers II
Yoga Sutras
Deep Relaxation for Yoga Teachers
Yoga for Women I

Course Dates