Yoga Exercise Specialist Certification (YES)

A two-part course aimed at preparing the participant to teach Yoga in the fitness and health industry. this is a HATHA YOGA based program.

Part I – Yoga Exercise Certificate Course

Prerequisite: if taking this course to work towards YES certification (two-part program – YES I & YES II), a minimum of 25 hours anatomy study such as done in a fitness certification, RMT, school course, etc.
If you do not have 25 hours of anatomy training, we recommend 25 hours of independent study of the book Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germaine or another anatomy book of your choice.
*If you are taking to develop your personal practice and interest in yoga, no prerequisite required.

  • learn over 50 postures, warm ups and variations
  • integrate yoga into your private training and group exercise programs
  • develop the ability to design a safe hatha yoga class
  • study meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques
  • gain a basic understanding of yoga history and philosophy

Course Dates

Part II – Yoga Exercise Specialist Certification

Prerequisite: Part I Yoga Exercise Certificate Course, 30 hours of personal practice, 25 hours of practical teaching (these hours are logged independently).

  • attend an advanced, hands-on correction workshop
  • complete the written and practical exams
  • gain a credible certification

CECs available for each; Part I and Part II YES courses:
CAN-FIT-PRO: by petition 4-PTS, FIS, NWS, MBS.
OFC: 12
MFC: 3 Theory, 5 Practical

CEUs available:
CMTO: 6 Category B
CMT: PE/A2 12 for Part I, and 13 for Part II

Course Dates