For recertification you are required to have completed 10 continuing education credits (CECs) every two years . Credits can be completed in the following manner:

  1. one credit for attending a yoga/pilates class with a qualified yoga teacher or school.
  2. one credit for every hour of attendance at a yoga or pilates related topic workshop with a certified yoga/pilates teacher, recognized yoga/pilates school or recognized professional of the related topic.
  3. two credits for every yoga/pilates or related topic video you study and a completed 500-word report.
  4. three credits for every yoga/pilates or related topic book studied with a 500-word book report .

For YES or YES/EWYT, related topics include: meditation, psychology, yoga philosophy, mysticism, hypnosis, healing.

For PMI, related topics include: body sciences, nutrition, weI/ness and personal growth.

Every two years you will be required to complete 10 continuing education credits to keep your knowledge, expertise and skills developing. Those of you who live in rural settings may find books and videos easier to use. Receipts can be used as proof of attendance of classes and workshops and reports of 500 words can be written for books and videos studied. All East to West courses qualify for CECs and each course hour is worth 1 credit. All course credits can be applied up to 2 years after completing a course.

Online Recertification

We only accept credit card payment online through PAYPAL.

If you do not want to re-certify online you can email your CEC information and send an e-transfer. Use the contact link above to ask for Susie’s email address if you do not have it.

Or you can re-certify by snail mail (use link below to access recertification form, print, fill out and mail with a cheque only – do not send a credit card number. Use contact link above to access mailing address).

Recertification fee: $40 plus HST or $45.20.

Recertification Form